2.6 "Add" transparency type problems

This problem is annoying me greatly. I have an object with an “Add” transparency acting as part of a HUD. When a particular object is being displayed (not even behind it, just within the camera frustum, then the object with “Add” loses it’s transparency
I have tried to isolate the problem in a plain blend, but have been unable to do so.

So I shall post the one that is having the problems and see what you can find that may be causing this.

This blend is from the re-working of Defender into “DEEP Space” (my game project)
Here you go, 9.8mb

Man, i was dealing with this back on GridSpace. It was pretty bad. If I recall, it had something to do with the “Texture Face” settings in the Material panel - I believe the problem originated around using the UV-map for a texture (particularly the alpha), but also specifying the texture (and using its alpha channel) in the material.

Don’t worry, I found a solution

Just hit the “Face Texture” button in the material panel. I have no idea why this solves it…

Still seems a but weird. Is this in the bug tracker? Is it even a bug or just a feature that I don’t know what it’s for?

hi sdgeoff, i’m making a HUD to for a game score, i have the same problem as you but ticking ‘face textures’ don’t do anything. My text is still just a black shape. if you have any ideas on how to fix this please say :slight_smile:

PS tell me if i should be posting a new thread

Sounds like a problem with that texture.
Throw a blend at me and I’ll take a look.

ok, here is the blend i used a tga file for the texture. here is the packed version.



juggler stage 3.blend (1.61 MB)

Reviving an old thread with the solution:

This non-transparency bug is caused by having transparency (rather than black) in an add type texture image.