2.62 Cycles Normal Mapping

Hey guys, I’m trying to apply a square/diamond shaped normal map (created in blender) to an object with the new version of Blender, as I have heard is possible. Now, I watched a german tutorial on youtube on the subject (apparently there’s not much info in english on the subject) and he simply grabbed the texture and plugged it into the displace socket of the shader. I tried that after uv unwrapping the correct side (which btw is also being rather inconsistent for me) to repeat it in the correct scale and instead got black diamond-shaped grid-lookin lines all over the place (not just where I uv mapped the texture to be either). I even applied a mapping node set to uvs to the image texture, but that didn’t work…more importantly tho, normal maps aren’t working like they did in that german tutorial. Has anybody else got the normal maps to work properly?

If you have reffered to this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H78PlBCLXTA it’s not quite normal mapping in cycles as it is in BI. Cycles displacement is still used and just a part of information in that normalmap file. You probably will get better result making desaturated version of diffuse texture file overlayed on 50% gray (done in photoshop or gimp) and feeding that in place of normalmap. In order to easy manipulate bump, add math multiply node between texture and displacement.

well it certainly looks to me like he takes a straight up normal map and plugs it into the displacement and it works like a normal map should. Anyway, I was given to believe that 2.62 would support normal mapping (there also is a normal node, although exactly how it works eludes me at the moment) and regular old f’real normal maps. maybe I was wrong…?

Then looks like i’m out of game - 2.61 here and my gpu isn’t supported in 2.62 as far as i read :(.

Normal mapping is (sadly) not supported in 2.62.

ah, ok.
…in that case I wonder what purpose the ‘normal’ node serves. research time!