2.62 Low Res Font issue

Good afternoon, all!

I posted a while back about some issues I was having with the BGE text. The solutions in that thread are still relevant, except my last comment “fixing” low res text issues. It seems that just upping the size of the font and scaling down does not fix it. I have since had a lot of issues with grainy text in the BGE and I was wondering if anyone else had this issue or found a solution. The only thing that seems to constantly improve the grainy, low res text issue is moving it away from the camera object in the scene. When it gets too close, regardless of the font size or scale, it pixelates. As always, any help is greatly appreciated!

I have attached a simple sample file to help demonstrate my issue.
low_res_text_v01.blend (428 KB)

I recognized this annoying issue too.

I think there are some incorrect font size calculations at the current implementation. I do not know any other solutions. Just the "move it away from camera seems to work, but this can create order problems.

Exactly,but even so it looks bad, it needs to be improved.

At least I know I am not just missing something. For now, I can go back to the old way of doing text for close up objects. Thanks, guys!

Search for “BGUI” on the resource section, it features high quality text input and edit.

BGUI is quite useful.
But it is a complete different concept and can’t replace any in game text objects. It is an “alternative” approach.