2.63 new install can not open the 2.62 file?

May I ask a question
I installed 2.63 after
2.62 practice to save the file but can not be opened before
(Please forgive me, my non-English-speaking countries, may not use the word grammar)
(Blender novice help)


Blend file please…

(Just out of curiosity…do you have composting nodes enabled…and are you using the file output node?)

Let me talk about my situation,
I downloaded yesterday BLENDER2.63 after
Follow the general installation program to install,
But the file to be opened before BLENDER could not be opened
Even before then of Blender Swap download the file could not be opened.
I do not know which did not set?

If I understand this right you’re trying to open a blend swap model and it is not working…which blend swap file are you having problems with. Link to the blend file please!

I would say is a problem with the language perhaps.
Are you using English in blender or your own language?

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Thanks to the above answer and help, the problem has been solved.
If Chinese names in the file name, and then 2.63 version can not be opened.
Thank you, so I can continue to have an incentive to learn this great software.