2.64 (RC) Cycles DOF Defocus Changes


I’ve looked at the release notes and checked forums and stuff, but I need to ask…

Where are the samples for the DOF defocus in 2.64? Has this option been moved to another area? If anyone has any info, it would be greatly appreciated.

2.64_RC --------------------------------------------------- 2.63a -------------------

I do, however, like the new orange lines and drop down menu… and am very glad to see the addition of vector blur, image sequence support and spot lights. :yes:

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Oops, sorry… :o

yeh what’s the deal, now max blur and fstop control blur.

In cycles you no longer need to use nodes for depth of field. Its in teh camera panel. Change the setting under radius. Slight changes like .003 will give a good effect. You can also set the object to stay in focus.

Yeah it’s now within the cam settings, but you can use a BOHKE image to do this as well, although I don’t know how. It hasn’t been implemented or documented well.

The bokeh node is a post effect. You can change the bokeh with aperture in the camera properties. I am getting lots of crashes using the bokeh node at the moment. I don’t remember having hat problem in the past.

An alternate way to get bokeh is to shoot through an actual shape that you place in front of the camera. Cycles will do what a real camera would and make the CoC that shape.