2.69 Release

Looks like 2.69 has been released, from the usual place. http://download.blender.org/release/Blender2.69/
If a dev is reading this, it looks like there is a dll missing in the win 32 bit zip version. “vcomp90 dll”. Easily replaced from an earlier build.
Rev 60995

Really a release already? Why blender.org doesn’t update his news?? you know about new releases on other places rather than blender.org.

I have been checking the RC builds, and compiling my own builds regularly, and noticed the SVN was tagged for release.
A quick check shows that the RC builds have been replaced with this version. I guess with the conference and all, they haven’t had time to update Blender org yet.
While were on it, hope everyone had a great time, and thanks for all the past, present and future, hard work with Blender.

They only update when all the builds have been uploaded (they don’t all get uploaded at the same time) and since it’s midnight in Amsterdam, maybe they’ll update the main download page tomorrow.

Oh, thanks for the info, it’s true they are in Amsterdam, I wasn’t taking into account its location :slight_smile:

I tried to install the win64 version, but the installer kept bugging me with so many missing file errors (including blender.exe), that I just gave up…:frowning:

I made a mistake this time, forgot to bundle the VC runtime files. Will update the builds soon.

But as long as the news is not on blender.org itself, the release is not final.

Is this going to be the last stable release of this series like 2.49 was. with the 2.7x releases been unstable ones?

Yeah, I am concerned about 2.7 too… How much breakage will it cause to 2.69 add-ons?