2.6X - where have all the materials gone?


I made a few materials and successfully assigned them to my default cube.

As soon as I make a new object or click on another object, all my materials disappear and they can only be used for that one cube.

Clearly, something has changed in B 2.6X from 2.4X (or even 5X I forget) but what? Am I missing something really obvious?

Marco :slight_smile:

Click on this button in the Material panel of the new object :

It will list all the existing material you already created, so you can assign one of them to the new object.


The last place I would have looked but hard to unsee now. Thanks!

Marco :slight_smile:

Also, for an apparently random reason I can’t assign any material to some objects…
In this case – the default cube and any object I copy from it.

Edit: I kind of ‘fixed’ the cube by clicking on one of the slots and then on another one, weird.

Edit02: At a loss - something’s weird about the default cube and how it deals with materials.

There is nothing different about the default cube than any other object. You need to give more info than that if you want any help. Show screenshots/screencast, blend file, all the normal things you include in support questions.

Well… You obviously haven’t fully understood how the material panel works.

1st: why do you add so many empty materials to begin with ? I see you click on “+” “+” “+”…

If you assign several materials to one mesh, that’s in order to have some faces display one material and other faces display other materials.
What i see you do is apply 4 materials to the same mesh, but without assigning the materials to particular faces. So in effect only the material at the top of that “material stack” is used !

That’s why your 1st cube remains grey. If you want it completely blue, just assign ONE material to that cube, ie the blue one.

Sorry if i am not clear, but looking at that video, it seems it is completely obscure in your head. If you have Skype, you can contact me (i speak german too), as i think it’ll be easier that way.

Indeed I think I haven’t fully understood 2.6 yet… I just made many empty slots so I wouldn’t have to create them later. Hadn’t an idea it was all going on the same cube. lol:D

So different from 2.4X. But well worth the trouble for the a few other things.

I forget my Skype ID but I think it’s Bonteburg or Marco Naujokat. I’m unlikely to pester you about this problem anymore but feel free to add me.

Thanks a lot!