2.70a Unwanted Transparency in Camera Motion Render

I am doing a second experiment in Camera Motion Tracking. When I click on “Set Up Tracking” in the Clip Editor, Solve tab, Blender creates a complex Node composite group.

The problem is that the cubes I have placed on this landscape are rendering as semi transparent. Everything else is working - they are moving with the land, throwing shadows, etc.

I cannot find a reason for this semi-transparency, but I suspect there is a flaw in the composite nodes.

Thanks for any clues.


OVER THE FIELDS.blend (1.02 MB)

Your problem is that the render layer that should contain the cubes is actually empty:

And that’s because the cubes are on the wrong layer:

Objects for the “Foreground” render layer should be on layer 1, but the cubes are actually on layer 11 (the “Background” render layer)… Just move the cubes to the correct layer and everything should be fine.

Ikari ShinJi, Thank you very much. That solved it.