2.71 Toolbox?

I only ask a question on this forum as a last resort. If what I am about to ask has already been discussed, I couldn’t find it on this forum and the internet in general.

When I open the Toolbox in Blender 2.71 I see Tools, Create, Relations, etc (I think these are called Panels, but am not sure about that). Is it possible to reorder the panels. For example, I might want to move the Tools panel just below the Create panel. Is this possible?

And maybe I want to delete the Grease Pencil panel from the Toolbox. Would it be possible?

Can you create/add a new panel to the Toolbox?


Split your window to the 3d view and a text editor.
RMB over a button in the toolshelf and select ‘Edit Source’
The “space_view3d_toolbar.py” file should open in the text editor (or some other appropriate .py file such as ‘properties_grease_pencil_common.py’ for the grease pencil)
The Interface layout is determined by this file. Edit it to move the options or delete things. Save the file over the original (save a backup beforehand) then reopen blender

I had already tried that, but nothing happens.

When I RMB the Render, Render Layers, Scene, World, etc. buttons, I get a pop-up “Edit Source” option, but not in the Toolbox. Could I have done something to turn that off?

WIN32 Vista Home Premium
Blender 2.71


If the file doesn’t open the find the file and open manually