2.78 Builds Avilable

2.78 Builds Available


Great stuff. Many thanks to all involved.

Can’t launch, sdl2.dll is missing. I never had that before…

Yup, me too, maybe install VS 2015 ?

blender-2.78-windows64.zip Works fine for me :slight_smile:

Thanks, strange that the .msi doesn’t work

The .msi installer works fine for me too.

Please note that the builds in the download folder arent the official final release builds. these will come as soon as the release Ahoy! is given :wink:

I tested both the 32 and the 64 bit msi before uploading the builds, they worked fine on all hardware it tried them on, maybe overzelous antivirus software?

They are, Ahoy was a few days ago, but the builds were held up due to some of the platforms having build issues.

Nope, not an Antivirus problem, it’s says that i’m missing a file “sdl2.dll”

Same and I don’t even have an antivirus installed… not sure I want to download that sdl2 from another random source, too. I’ll just email bf-committers to notify.

I just saw your post to the mailing list, please open up a ticket on developer.blender.org where we can properly track this issue.

@MagicalPaladin, try re-running the installer, it worked for me.

no problem here

// 2016-Sep-26 / 16:57:51 //


(Hash: 4bb1e22) running on w7

Works great, thanks !

libsndfile-1.dll missing here, running again in repair mode seems to fix, or just copying it from old install

Arch linux testing has rolled it out now (I’d played with a preview anyway). I was a bit upset it came naked, and had to move my regular plugins and reset it up, but all good now. Wondering if I should add the micro-displacement to my current WIP :slight_smile:

This worked for me too! Windows 10 64-bit

Funny question, are all the people with missing files issues on windows 10?

Confirmed… uninstall then reinstall and bob’s your uncle :smiley: (Translation: Fixed it)

Yup, uninstalled the old and re-install did the trick for me as well

I had the same issue. But solved it by reinstalling.

Am I wrong or Cycles is about 30% faster? :smiley:
I reopened my last scene (a simple one) and rendered it again and noticed a faster speed as the render squares get done. :spin:
Just a feeling.