2.79 Final Themes competition!

Hi, this is your chance to speak up about which Blender ui themes you most enjoy or dislike & make a real change.
In Blender 2.79 there is a small opportunity to make some big themes changes.
Personally I have 2, a much needed update to my Back to Black theme. less contrast, fix wrong object colors ( empty was black as example & near invisible) , remove those ugly lines between panel headers type stuff.
Then a cool trick with the 2.4x theme: turn the browny color to light blue, works great! & tweak the tooltips color as it really is not nice.
Your Turn!
Go for it.

I might be in the minority, but I quite like the default theme. The only adjustment I made was a dark to medium gray background gradient in the viewport.

Of course, Elsyiun is most flexible:.darkish;.easy;*.the eyes don’t be tiring like other brighten themes.Note: I just change that orange to something like darken-orange or to darken-bluish.

I often find myself using the ‘3Ds Max’ theme that comes with the beta builds.

I like that one too, and the legacy 2.4 theme, although its pretty much broken

Blender should include a proper original less dark theme as every other serious software, dark sure looks cool, but I feel a Lot more comfortable working with a less dark theme.

current theme FTW

I just switched to Rtheme its really nice also energy is another good theme

Personally, I just love the “Graph” theme and had it set as my default for a long time (I like the fact that the viewport has a slight gradient). Lately, however, I switched to Momo, a Modo lookalike theme that I installed separately (from here: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/76007).

Amarant red is awesome.
Have it on my Blender since i saw it in a test-build.

I remember 1 or so year ago, tried customizing a few themes, but it seemed the colors of panel header outline/border were mixes between panel header background and panel background (or something like that), so it was not easy to get rid of them, unless you chose some colors for those backgrounds that generated nearly unnoticed border, like Flatty Light. Complete control of header border should be possible.

Anyway, on topic.
I Use Flatty Light, and also like Graph and Elsyiun. But while the latter two’s View3D is clearer and nicer than Flatty Light, their panel editors are visually confusing, at least compared to Flatty Light. Speaking of Flatty Light, things like…

User Interface -> Value Slider -> Inner Selected -> A(lpha)

…should be set to 0.5 or else it’s very hard to see which sliders you have selected. Flatty Light’s View3D should have better contrast between background and things like cameras and non-mesh light sources (collectively so-called “lamps” !!!). Since the background is dark, those two object types should be light gray or so IMO. I absolutely don’t like high contrasts, just enough contrast to easily distinguish non-background from background.

I’m i the only one struggling with default pixel size 3? Always have to set it up to atleast 4 every time i change theme.

I’m a big fan of Science Lab.

rTheme for me.

Science Lab is my favorite. The default one looks like I’m using Windows 3.11 again. Also setting the proper DPI, and default font to Ubuntu, and the monospaced font to Ubuntu Mono makes Blender look a lot more appealing to me.

flatty light, or soft light; they’re increasing the readability of the menu’s.
maybe i get old but i think readability first, fancy next.

‘Energy’ is my favorite.

@Meta-Androcto, you read the last message I posted on the author’s site (these with an screenshot):

Is it true what the author reply? Is there no solution for that?

Moyo for me.

Mine? Presto Theme? :smiley:

For me Rtheme and Graph have too little contrast.
Back to Black is quite too dark
And Ubuntu Ambiance has bad coloring
Default is quite good, but it’s not for me.

Recently I took Ubuntu Ambiance, made it darker and switched purple to dark blue :wink:
I’m improving it when using, but it’s still not fully consistent since I don’t use every tab of blender. (logic, graph, dope and nla are not themed at all - still ubuntu ambiance here)

Maybe I’ll refine it and share if someone like it also…

Hi, I’d like to suggest a theme I made called Quasimodo. It’s based on Modo’s interface with slight changes to accent colors to improve contrast balance and readability.

I’ve been using it for well over a year and I think I’ve got it quite polished overall now. Here’s a link to the theme file: