2.79 hotkeys list?

My apologies in advance if this is a dumb-ass noob question but i’m a … noob!
I’ve been looking high and low for a comprehensive list of 2.79’s hotkeys. I’ve found a few, but some are for previous versions (has 2.79 changed much in hotkeys?) and others are for 2.79 but look incomplete and mixed in with general information.
Is there a simple complete chart-form list of 2.79 hotkeys somewhere??! Thanks in advance…

Blender has around 1600 hotkeys and you want a complete yet simple chart of those?
User preferences -> input. Doesn’t get simpler and more complete than that. Contains everything and are in sections.

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Dear JA12-
Yup, they’re all there- buried in submenus. Sorry if i didn’t make it clear enough, but i’m looking for a simple one page searchable list of hotkeys- so i can find any hotkey fast.
Imagine doing a tutorial and its maker mentions a command but neglects to spell out its hotkey. The need is to find it quickly, and return to the tutorial. Now if there’s some way to print out all the hotkeys in User Pref’s, now that’d be something (tho still a distant second to searchability).

This is a little old but has given me a good overview of blender shortcuts (pdf download on page): https://www.katsbits.com/tutorials/blender/useful-keyboard-shortcuts.php

Use the search menu. Cursor in the right editor, press spacebar and start typing the command. It shows the hotkey if it has one by default.

User preferences -> input also has a search function for both a command name and a hotkey.

“Cursor in the right editor”? I guess you mean click your cursor in the
‘right editor’? But that still prompts the question, what do you mean by ‘the right editor’?
Start typing “the right command”?? Sometimes one doesn’t know the correct wording of the command.
“User preferences > input” also has a search function". That’s not much help actually. If you can see all the possibilities on one page by just clicking successively you can identify the one you want. If not, you’re out of luck.
Example: i saw a tutorial on making a barrel. It started off breezily by saying “Shift + A to add…”. Ok- wanting to understand the context there, i tried to find the Shift + A shortcut. I couldn’t. With your advice, i still couldn’t. -Search engine just failed.
IF SOMEBODY IN DOCUMENTATION DEPARTMENT IS READING THIS: WE NEED A SINGLE PAGE OF ALL! HOTKEYS. It’s really simple, but would be a great help- given how hotkey dependent Blender is.
Thanks for trying JA12- but you’re not helping.

Dear JA12-
I apologize for my vague wording- what i said was, i think, accurate per se (i.e. Blender user prefs search did fail to find one of its hotkeys), but hopelessly vague.
Sometimes you need to find a hotkey for a command, but sometimes you’re in the reverse situation- you know the hotkey but don’t know where it came from (you see its mouse-attached menu but maybe can’t puzzle out what it’s from).
I really do think there’s a need for somebody to make one big page of commands, their short-keys, and their meanings.

I did a list ounce with a script and found over 3500 short keys
and no direct meaning for each one yet !
just the general description giving the window area and section of blender

never saw one site giving all the meaning yet !

happy bl

If anybody ever makes such a master list of hotkeys please let me know!
For now i’ll hope that Blender developers devote some TLC to the unglamorous basics of Blender. (Oh, i know they’ll never admit the interface is anything less than perfect, but i can hope they at least supply a workarounds page of hotkeys.)

Problem is a lot of things that have hotkey functionality still don’t have proper tooltips. (It’s a nitpick of mine, because there’s probably a lot of time-savers I’d use if they were a little more obvious. But they’re pretty good at doing it with most main features.) Would be nice if the help menu could could create and save an index text file of all of them by category, as it would be useful. Might be an add-on or script somewhere that does it. Otherwise dig through prefs like previously mentioned. (Understandably not optimal, and as a fellow user I agree with you on that.)

BlenderHotkeyReference.pdf (263 KB)

http://www.giudansky.com/ I get a lot of use of this one.

Having a up to date list of hotkeys That is both searchable and visible and all in one place would be perfect.

I am not sure what would happen If i Pasted the contents of the PDF file here into this window but If I did people would probably be seeing me next to the Easter egg prize thread.

Also I printed this book out so I could make sense of the shortcuts… BlenderBasics_5thEdition2017.pdf
I can search on the computer and also have a regular book at my side.