2.79 Mising Feature From Amarath Toolset

Hello, I am a bit worried that this feature that I use an enormous amount has been disabled/removed/broken… Who knows… But the function of Camera as Render Border is seemingly missing from the official 2.79 release… Can anyone confirm if it’s just something I have done or if it’s actually not working… The other addon features are there, so I’m not sure why this one would be gone…

Hmm, no one is using Amarath on 2.79? Is there another way to get that feature without the plugin? Any insight would be helpful.

If you mean this…

https://pablovazquez.art/amaranth/img/thumbs/feat_view3d_camera_render_bounds.png … it is still there.
Most likely problem lies else where (ie. conflict with another addon).
Reset Blender to default state, have only Amaranth activated & see if it works.

Otherwise check Border in Properties > Render > Dimensions

Burnin, thank you for taking the time to clarify that for me, I’ll try cleaning up my plugins and get to the bottom of it. It was just confusing since the other features from the plugin are all there, just this one… Strange…

Thanks again, thank you thank you!

I’m having other issues with Amaranth features not working. I’ll have to do the addon disable thing too…sigh.