2.79 on Mac High Sierra v10.13

I’m having some trouble with the new version of Blender running on my iMac with High Sierra. When I choose to save, it saves, but then whenever I move the mouse the save dialogue flickers on and off and lingers instead of simply disappearing.

Also, I dragged the Blender App into my applications folder, then I dragged the app’s icon to my dock. If I do a search on my Mac, I can only find one version of Blender, but when I click on the icon in the dock, a new version of Blender opens on the end of the dock. So it’s like there are two versions on my computer.

The real problem is that now I’m getting terrible system-wide hanging. This is a new and very fast iMac with SS drive, but the whole system will hang for several minutes, then return to normal every once in a while. It seems to be related to Blender because sometimes after restarting the Blender app is gone from the dock and replaced by a question mark.

I’ve already downloaded and reinstalled Blender, but it acts exactly the same.

Anyone else having trouble? Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance…

you should drag the whole folder containing Blender into the Applications folder, not just the app.


Yes, that’s what I did. I have a Blender 2.79 folder in my applications folder.

Have you tried to reboot, perhaps some Cashes got corrupted, or try to rebuild the Launch Service Database by some utility.
Just a shot in the dark.