2.79 Splash Screen

Is there any NASCAR fans in the group? Is it just me or does the new splash screen look like Kyle Busch hahaha?

it’s a shot from agent 327, based on a ± 50 year old comic

I have downloaded the scene file for this splash and want to see if it is a good scene for our benchmark suite.
Unfortunately, rendering right after loading the blend file results in a blurred picture with transparency.

Can someone help me out, please, what am I doing wrong?

I figured it out that you have to press the Reload Trusted button to get it load properly. “Reload the saved file” - bpy.ops.wm.revert_mainfile()
Or you can tick the check box in Blender User Preferences / File --> Auto Execution - Auto Run Python Scripts.

Strangely, when I load the scene with my scripts to render it without GUI the issue persists. Any ideas?