2.8 Application Templates

First Run Splash:

Splash with new templates:


Still there’s no a standard layout?
And why the 2d animation and video editing workspaces are hidden now?

Things are getting scary man…

Workspaces are still being worked on.

You can see it as 4 standard layouts instead.

2D animation template corresponds to a different scene. No default cube. No lamp.
But a Grease Pencil stroke as active object.

It is a lot better than starting with a modeling workspace if you are only interested in 2D animation.

You can create your own template and share it.
So, if some one is making a tutorial that requires a specific workspace, he is able to share it.
User just have to go to File menu -> Install Application Template.

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Some little improvements. (even though consistency kills flexibility in some layouts)
I see that there’s a default layout with timeline which is nice.
Modeling layout is fine…
The UV Editing has the 3d view on the left which is the right place to be imo…
Not sure about the Shading layout without the properties editor, it should be there imo, it’s useful…
The Sculpting layout is better now with just one properties editor on the right imo…
Character Animation specific layout???
Rendering? Hmm, not sure about that…
2D Animation layout seems okay, but I still think that the GP interface is terrible, things could be more unified and simpler imo…

The “template” side of this is ok, the issue is with the defaults workspaces, all the essentiall workspaces should be there… but it seems like they are thinking about it already, even though video editing/motion tracking are not there (yet?)

Also they shouldn’t destroy the “File -> New” with this. This should be separate, like: “File -> New Template”.

Hope they can see it.

Yes. I agree. There should be a a quick File -> New skipping template choice and using template from User Preferences.
But maybe, it is just temporary to make templates ability more discoverable for the moment.
They are present in 2.79. But not so much demos of the feature exist.

About workspaces, they could be better. Basically, the last iteration was relative to the idea of making them all in same file.
IMO, 2D Animation template could have more workspaces. Drawing but also Rigging/Cutout for bones use.

You can add a workspace from another template than the one chosen at first intention.
So, as long as they are in one official template, they are available for any new file.

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Yeah… The issue is that they excluded video edting etc from the general template. Imo, general should contain all the essential workspaces.

I hope somebody make this template or something like this for 2.8. I love it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Currently Blender 28 says that the .zip template IS installed but there is NO WHERE in the interface to select it. Where do we “apply” the Application Template?
(No option on the splash screen like on 2.79)

The splash screen still has that option, hidden in ‘…’ below the “new file”, in the end of the original templates.
And in File>New, you should see the installed templates there.

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Application templates was reported fixed and working again, yesterday. Thought I must imagine the main branch has them (2.83) I don´t know about 2.81a.
I will try 2.83, as it seems 2.82 is still fixing some things…