2.8 Horrorific fireflies in eevee

The problem:

with SSR at 64 render samples.

Hi, I was testing eevee on a very old project. My problem are theses terrible white dots/squares that appears in the renders. Its appears like the first image with screen space reflections activated. If I deactivate the SSR the render look like the second image.
Reducing the render samples from 128 to 16 reduce the white dots but I don’t thinks it’s a great solution.

Some one know what’s the core of the problem and/or how to eliminate the pure white dots without reducing the render samples?

without SSR at 64 render samples.

Can you check again with a daily build? Should be fixed now.

i think if you render for product, sample should be set to 256, if you improve ssr precision, you need more sample times. i recommend the ssr precision set to 0.6—0.8

Yes, I try with the daily build (today) and the fireflies decreased but there are some ones yet.

Thanks for the info, for now I’m just testing eevee.
How I said before, it’s bizarre because if I increment the render samples, it’s increment the fireflies, SSR precision don’t change the result. It’s bizarre because it should render with more quality. I don’t know :thinking: The problem are constant without all eevee fx options, Newtonian particles nor volumetric atmosphere (volumetric cube).

256 Render Samples

64 Render Samples

32 Render Samples!

Its not bizarre since more samples increase the possibility of “producing” a NaN pixel which won’t get compensated by other samples. Could you breakdown the file to a minimun mesh / material / lightning setup which still produces fireflies and put it in a bugreport on developer.blender.org?

:slightly_smiling_face: Thank for the info, I’m busy this week but I’ll try to send a minimalist file to the bug-report this weekend. I have another different scene with the same problem.

Hello @JosephC , did you solve the problem with the fireflies? I’m having the same issue, up to this days the problem still happening :pensive: .
Any information will be appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

News for the NAN pixels that produce the fireflies

Hi, I make some new test for other project, and I have the same result. Luckily, I discover the principal problem for my scenes.

And the problem are: the Normal Maps Strength. For some reason, normal maps strength up to 0.2 or 0.3 produce the NAN pixels. And It’s proportional with the render samples in Eevee, (more render samples need less normal maps strength for not produce the fireflies - NAN pixels -).
Its strange yet because in the originals scenes the normal maps strength was up to 0.7 or including 3.7 without produce fireflies in Cycles.

:thinking: But in last I think its some kind of blender calculation bug for the Eevee normal map.


Try Simplifying the normal maps nodes.
I had problems using bumps and normal maps… (I utilize only one)
Reduce normal maps strength: x<0.3 (x<0.2 better).

I hope this information was helpful.

This bug was reported at Dec 2018, it seems it was fixed in Feb 2019 but still happening today, may be this thread about the bug has another clue …



:slightly_smiling_face: Thanks for the information, and yes its still happening…
I have this types of issues with the normal maps strength and the roughness with gradients.