2.8 Q: How i can see manipulator in select mode?


Found the answer and it works with right click.


apologize for bad english.

How i can see manipulator in select mode? like 2.79
I cant use move mode because it can be move from empty area with miss click etc. I want to see gizmo / manipulator instead of checking from corner.


I’m not sure if I understand your problem correctly, but you can select objects in the gizmo mode just like in 2.7x.

Im trying to see gizmo outside of move/rotate/transform mode. Because left click is locked to manipulator in move/rotate/transform mode. You cant move your mouse if you are holding left click.

example from 2.79:
when a face selected you can move your mouse while holding your left click.

you cant do this in 2.80. Because you are in “move / rotate / transform” mode.

i want to see gizmo / manipulator like this without locking left click the move. resim

I want to open manipulator in select box mode (select mode : blender 2.8 left menu)



if you move the mouse while holding left click, it will move selection both in 2.79 and 2.80.


it is not moving if you are using right click.
btw found the answer. It is in first message.

thanks anyway.