2.8 Quirk Questions: Inset?

So I’ve noticed that in the new beta for 2.8 (besides some of the other quirks and shortcut changes that are really irking me deeply) is that one of my more relied tools, the inset faces (i key) has… become wonky, if it’s not on a square by default.

This is an example of what it looks like on a cube with a center loop cut

Even with applied scale and rotation and all that hooah, it still decides it wants to do a sort of uneven inset - and it gets worse:

This is another funny example.

I’m guessing since this is all Beta they’ll eventually fix it, or is there a sort of way around these issues?

the only way I can figure around it is to use E (Extrude) / S (Scale). My inset shortcut, most of the time, only goes a short distance. I too hope they fix it quick.

edit: 2018, I just noticed the date on this post. Can’t believe it still isn’t solved.

edit 2: have mouse curser well outside of object when you hit i key.

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