2.8 Texture Painting-Darkened Dots Show Up While Painting-Please Help!

Hi. I’m fairly new to texture painting but I’m pretty sure this shouldn’t be happening when I try to draw on the mesh.

(The problem is the dark dots that show up for seemingly no reason.)
If anyone could let me know of any solutions for this, I would really appreciate it. Btw, I’m using 2.8, so maybe this is a bug that shows up just in 2.8, cause I haven’t tested this in previous versions.


Flipped normals or duplicate verticles/faces. Enter edit mode and watch one of the dots, move verticle near it - perhaps there’s a hidden face with no width.

Well, I went back and now it’s not happening so maybe that’s it, I guess. Thanks for that. If it happens in the future, I’ll be sure to check for that.

On another note, do you know why when I’m painting the color shows up on another spot on the model even though I didn’t pass over that part?

Perhaps UV unwrap?

Yes, but I’m painting directly on the mesh… It’s ok if you don’t know, though. Thanks for your help.