2.8 Water overview videos

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I’m making a set of tutorials on water simulation in 2.8. I’m learning the stuff in a combination of reading the manual and trial and error. My main goal is to make the information more accessible to casual users. Also, some of the manual is basically useless to users.

So yeah! I’ll be posting updates here as I progress.

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Hey! About the manual: https://lists.blender.org/pipermail/bf-docboard/2018-December/005400.html

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Thanks! Some of these I probably will submit, I hadn’t seen that before.
Like this:

I have no idea what an adaptive grid level is. However, having set them to 4 and to 0, as far as I can tell it makes the motion slightly lower resolution and takes longer to bake. My guess is it makes the bake folder smaller, but I haven’t actually checked that.

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Here’s number 2!
Please leave a comment either here or on YouTube letting me know which style is better, the no-face edited version or the face-there uncut version.


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And here’s number 3! This one I did without my face with only one edit. I also made an infographic animation in after effects.