2.80 and cuda kernel 3.0

(bluecd) #1


For some time I notice building/x64 WIn MSVC 2017/ error for cubin 3.0 /I have GTX760/


78>Generating filter_sm_30.cubin
78>CUSTOMBUILD : error : cuew init fialed (0xffffffff)
78>CUSTOMBUILD : error : initialization error, exiting
78>Kompilowanie projektu „cycles_kernel_cuda.vcxproj” wykonane — NIEPOWODZENIE.
80>------ Kompilacja rozpoczęta: Projekt: buildinfoobj, Konfiguracja: Release x64 ------
81>------ Kompilacja rozpoczęta: Projekt: python_numpy, Konfiguracja: Release x64 ------
77>cycles_util.vcxproj -> D:\Programowanie\blender_build\lib\Release\cycles_util.lib

Support for 3.0 kernel abandoned?

(LazyDodo) #2

the sm_30 kernel is still supported, but the build process has issues loading the cuda dlls required for building it., if i had to guess i’d say you have cuda 9.2 installed? downgrade to 9.1 and you should be good to go again!

(bluecd) #3

Thx for reply.

Actually I have CUDA 10 installed but some weeks ago I had no issues with building 2.80…with it.
Put it still on development?

(LazyDodo) #4

Hmm strange.

It should not have tried to use cuew to build with cuda 10, can be a couple of things, outdated master code, i added support for cuda 10 a couple of weeks ago, if you haven’t pulled since then you might miss the code needed.

second option is the WITH_CYCLES_CUBIN_COMPILER is set to ON, check your cmakecache.txt file to validate.

This all being said, cuda10 is broken for sm_30 it makes broken render kernels, and things will look wonky as soon as glass shaders come into play (which is one of the reasons we still ship with 9.1)

(bluecd) #5

I update/check both blender and library git on daily basis so trhay have to be up to date.;
Is there any date set to implement glass shader ?

(LazyDodo) #6

it’s not a problem on the blender side, it’s a cuda bug, it’s been dragging on since cuda 9.2 which came out in may sooo… it doesn’t seem like nvidia is in a rush to fix it.

(bluecd) #7

Great ((( :wink:

Btw. Would it matter to me /cuda kernel 3.0-gtx760 + Blender/ if I switch back from CUDA 10 to 9.1 anyhow ?
I mean: would I loose any efficiency and/or features with my graphics ?
There were some problems with installing 9.1 afaik…

(LazyDodo) #8

it’s the recommended thing to do for your card, you won’t lose any features and the broken things will just start working.

(Steffen Dünner) #9

I noticed that while I can use CUDA 10 to compile on Windows (which renders without visual problems on a 1080ti), it runs slower than when I use CUDA 9.1.
I don’t know if this is true under Linux as well, but at the moment it looks like there’s nothing to be gained from a CUDA version later than 9.1.

(LazyDodo) #10

the only thing v10 has going for it is RTX20xx support…

(bluecd) #11

A bit offtop but… Blender should benefit greatly on hardware accelerated raytracing ?

(Steffen Dünner) #12

…another “feature” of CUDA 10 is native support for Visual Studio 2017 and later and support for gcc 7.3.0 in Ubuntu 18.04 / Mint 19 :slight_smile:

(Steffen Dünner) #13

This post by Lukas Stockner might explain it a little: Cycles Development Updates

(LazyDodo) #14

We resolved the compiler hostage situation quite a while ago, there’s a cmake option WITH_CYCLES_CUBIN_COMPILER if you turn it on, it’ll use nvrtc to build the kernels, relieving you from being forced into a compiler version nvcc approves of.

(LordOdin) #15

When will buildbot have 20xx support

(LazyDodo) #16

unknown, it’s mostly depended on nvidia putting out a cuda compiler that’ll work for all cards.

(LordOdin) #17

So never? :smiley:

(LazyDodo) #18

v9.2 was broken for all cards, v10 is seemingly only broken for sm_30, so i have high hopes for v10.1/v11/vWhateverisnext