2.80 RC 1 reverted some things to a previous build?

Two things I’ve found so far… not really bugs, but annoying things that had been fixed in previous builds:

Trying to select things through the manipulator gizmo (verts, faces, bones, etc.) is back to being difficult.

Wireframe in sculpt mode is back to being triangles instead of quads – unless you have sub-d’s turned on, but sculpting with sub-d’s on isn’t ideal.


if you are using the default keymap it’s under “drag” option for activate gizmo, for compatible keymap is enabled by default i think, and 2.7x doesn’t have that issue.

triangle wireframes in sculpt mode, that might be a bug.

Just restarted Blender and now the quads are back in sculpt mode… not sure what happened with that. Very odd… didn’t change anything.

@Zino.G – Thank you! Not sure why I didn’t figure that out before.

I haven’t found any other issues yet… Back on your heads.

no problem :+1: