2.81a macos reduced rig performance

opening a file on 2.80 and 2.81, i get 60fps. but on 2.81a and 2.82 beta, the exact same file gets 45fps.

i had some drawing issues previously that were fixed by deleting the library folder to force it to rebuild, but the issue this time persists.

it seems whatever they did to address the viewport drawing issues for the 2.81a release comes at a 25% performance penalty. anyone find similar?

the macos situation is really feeling grim these days :frowning:

I don’t think it’s a MacOS specific issue for 2.82. My performance with animation playback in 2.82 has been terrible in Mac OS, and Bootcamped Windows.

I haven’t seen an issue in 2.81a though. In 2.81a I still can drive a simple character rigged with Rigify to 80fps and 60 with at least one controller highlighted in the dopesheet.

I’m literally working on an animation in Blender on MacOS right now, and with a DAZ character rigged with Rigify and 30 plus morphs/shapekeys I’m still getting 53fps. If I turn off shape keys I get well over 60 again.

Both are suffering in 2.82 but MacOs seems to handle playback better from all 2.8X versions, at least in my case of using the exact machine with two diffrent OS.

Animation playback, and start up time, the later worth nothing, seems like the only thing we (Mac Users) got going for us right now.
And all of this may be just a by product od Blender animations not doing well in Windows for me because I’m Bootcamped. But from what I can tell on the forum several users aren’t happy with playback and most everyone here is running Windows, even us Mac users. :slight_smile:


After my session tonight… I got curious and wondered if my latest animation could run over 60fps if I needed it too. Previous attempts on 2.80 had allowed for 70ish fps so I wanted to test seeing that it was easily still hitting 60fps on 2.81a.
And wouldn’t you know it, there is a bug capping playback at 60fps for MacOS.

If I jump on Windows and animate something simple, like a single cube, it will reach 90fps. If I try the same scenario on Mac it caps at 60fps.

Weird that 2.80 still allows 90fps on MacOS with a simple cube animation but is capped in 2.81a now, while Windows isn’t.
Chalk it up to bugs. :slight_smile: