2.9.1 latest built zip

i unzip latest zip for 2.9.1 and when i run it it crashes on Win10 64 bits

anyone got same problems ?

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Runs fine here.

test with latest 2.9 1 and 2.9 2 zip and all crashing

strange was there any major changes on latest build ?

i don’t have big video card just plain old one

mind you i have the old 2.9 is working fine

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i see window for blender open then some text and it crashes

is there a place to see error ?

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What’s your GPU?

got only old video card no GPU
not since it was change in latest 2.79

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Ok, let’s do it another way: check that your “not GPU” is supported by comparing it to Supported Graphics Cards in the requirements.
If it’s not supported, then that’s it. If it is, then you’d need to report a bug.


strange 2.9 runs fine
but not after that

need that now

  • Graphics card with 1 GB RAM, OpenGL 3.3

i don’t have a video card

should it be able to work on cpu with mem too ?

is there a place to see bug report for this crash ?

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Not that. Look at the Supported Graphics Cards under that. If your chip/integrated/whatever “not a video card” does not conform to those requirements, then this is not a bug.

No, it should not be able to work on “cpu with mem”. It should be able to work on supported hardware. That 2.90 worked doesn’t mean 2.91 or later will.

it does say also

  • [Less than 10 year old

and my system is about 5 years old

i can make a bug report but needs the log for this bug
is there a place to find this log report now for blender ?

mean while i’m looking to get a more modern PC right now

but may take some times to find a reasonable sales
for a medium Rizen proc and GTE card

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Ricky… Check your specs. Video card or no, it has a name, a manufacturer and a model. Therefore you should be able to compare it against what’s required. Concrete specs, not generic “maybe 5 years old”.

video processor GPU
but not recognize by blender anymore since 2.7XXX

video card = AMD RADEON HD8670

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If you have the Radeon HD8670 and Blender is crashing on startup, then you should report it. If 2.90 is working for you, you can run it and use the Help -> Report a bug option, but then don’t forget to specify in the report that you’re crashing on 2.91 and not 2.90. Also supply the crash log which should’ve been created in your temporary directory.

where is this temp folder
is it under app folder ?

also do you have latest link for bug report
sorry have not done any report in last 2 years

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I already gave you the link. I don’t know where the temporary folder is on Windows. Used to be C:\Windows\Temp, don’t know if it still is.

Ricky, why don’t you just switch over to linux and see if you still have a problem? with the money you save on the OS you can buy a GPU.

i know some would like it but
have not touch linux in 10 years
and so used to win 10 now
also got to stay compatible with other friends who works with win 10

too much work to relearn new ways LOL

where is the system config text in 2.9 ?
and this can be saved in a txt file if i remember well

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When you first open the newer version after unzipping, do you tell it to import your old settings? It could be an addon that’s causing the crashing.

Oh goodness, Ricky… So this was your report:

Which of course was closed because your graphics card is not supported.

AMD Radeon HD 8670D is not the same thing as AMD Radeon HD 8670. It took what, four repeats to actually get you to post your video spec, and you still posted the wrong thing… Please pay more attention.

Hello. Did someone also miss the button to import settings from the previous version on the Splash Screen?