2.91 Search menu slow to populate

Just made the jump from 2.83 to 2.91 which saw the addition of fuzzy search, icons and hotkeys in the search menu.
For me there’s about a second delay between initiating the search box and the search menu opening. Whereas in 2.83 it was pretty instant.

Has anyone else had this issue so far? Any work arounds?

Here it works as fast as ever.

Do you have slow computer?
If it is the case that it is too slow on slower machines it should be reported. I guess it should either be fixed or be made possible to turn off in the preferences.

3ds Max has or used to have quite a delay on the search and i remember it as terribly annyoing.

My PC is pretty decent. I wouldn’t classify it as slow.
I tested a fresh factory build of 2.91, and the search menu is pretty fast.

So i’m guessing something in my preferences that came over is slowing it down.
Maybe the number of addons i’m using? which isn’t high but definitely not stock

Hmm… I would try a bug report.