2 Animations

Hi. Here’s a couple of 2D animations I’ve just finished, made with Anime Studio Pro.

The Muscle Whisperer - Episode 3

Man Version 2 (Warning Gory!!)

I hope you like.

The animation quality of both skits was about on par with what you’d expect to find on a macromedia flash cartoon site. The first one made me chuckle. The Mr. T. inspiration was pretty lol. The second one was just… gross. I just sort of fast forwarded through it around the part when the robot sawed off his arm and reattached it elsewhere.

Thanks Anayo. I still consider myself a novice animator so I’m pleased my stuff wouldn’t look out of place on a Flash cartoon site.

Mr T. inspired!!! How did you guess?! :slight_smile: He’s my first attempt at starting a web series, future web series will be more original and story based.

Yeah, the animation is pretty gory!! A feew people have said that but as I worked on it for a few months I became a bit desensitised to it.