2 beginners questions-object creation and window locking

Hi there

I’m slowly getting to grips with Blender but would appreciate some help from the following questions.

Q1 - When I create an object in Blender it appears at the 3d cursor. Can I change this behaviour so that all new objects appear at the world origin? (Without pressing shift+s and getting window focus on an orthographic window)

Q2 - Can I lock down orthographic windows so if I press the mmb the view won’t rotate ( but I can still move the window contents around and zoom in and out)

thnaks in advance

I don’t believe that you can do either. You can however move the object to the centre with zero rotation quite easily. Alt-g and Alt-r in object mode would clear the location and rotation respectively. That said, I almost always model with just one window and use the numpad keys for orientation.


nope, but you can configure the middle mouse button to pan and shift+mmb to rotate the view

it is in the info buttons, pull down the info header at the top of the screen, it is on the View and Controls tab

pressing control+u will save that as the defaults [and whatever .blend you have open], so go to the default scene first [but after saving whatever you’re working on] with control+x, and put the info header back before you hit control+u

Thanks for the work arounds.

I guess I could always write a script to reset the translation and rotation values as well.