2 Fantasy houses

Hope you like it


WOW This looks great! Phenomenal work!

One small criticism would be on the second picture, it looks like the roof texture might be a bit distorted.

Anyway, really great work! I love it!

Yeah. Agreed. Can you post any screen shots to show your work flow?


great, seriously great work. They look like they’re not too high poly, so what’s the polycount?

They’re awesome! My only crit is on the 1st pic there seems to be too much spec on the roof next to the arches. Models and textures though are phenomenal, I love these!

I would so want to live in the top one.

sweet nice models those r game ready arn’t they

Wow awesome! The only thing that could be better would be the addition of some bump maps on the roof and brick walls. Then they would be complete.

But as is, they are still awesome :smiley:

Even if this is not my cup of tea, I like it , really amazing.

Reminds me of Fable 2. Nice work. I like your style.

thanks guys, yep I will work on the materials, poly count for the first house is ~ 5.000 and the second house is ~2.200