2 new import scripts

I’ve got a BVH import script in the works (creates the armature-no motion yet) and a Quake 3 BSP import script on my site. Export scripts are planned, especially for the Quake 3 BSP format. I’m still updating the other import/export scripts as well.



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I just wanted to let you know how important your import/export work is for Blender and the community. With more integration with popular game engines more people will find reason to give Blender a serious look. I just think that the word needs to get out about the great things you are doing. BTW I am personally looking forward to using your MD2 export script for an open source game that I have been working on!! Thanks again.


Don’t know if you are duplicating any work with the BVH stuff but I thought I’d point out this thread to you:




Thanks for your support. Just so you know, the MD2 export script is getting a bit of an overhaul. I’m fixing the jumping bug that happens between frames and the ability to have a frame name list to label the frames whatever you want. Hopefully, that will be done soon. Maybe this weekend, more than likely next weekend.

I had used ideasman’s script as a start point for my own try at the script. I dropped him a line on the other forum board and hopefully he can use my armature building code and his animation code for a new script.



The BVH script now imports the armature and motion data. HOWEVER, the motion data is not imported correctly. If anybody can figure this out, I’d love some help with it.



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The BVH script now imports an armature and animation, but it’s still not quite right. It also takes forever, but the end result is usable (with some tweaking).

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imports a frame?

don’t understand that…

I too think you’re making a great job for making Blender available for us amateur game artists that collaborate with several game engines…

The bsp export would be really interesting… but please do it so it’s not based in ID tools, so that the blender made bsps can be used too in comercial games…That’d rock. :slight_smile:

hmmm…anyway…that even I dunno if would be possible…hmm…

the fact is , main point or advantage of a bsp is lightmaps (baked lights and shadows on an apart bitmap, whose UVs are in a second uv channel) , collision info , and visibility portals, which also is essential info to port to any game.

Nice thing is that a BSP has it all packed inside and many game engines import it.

Bad thing is an old thing, and has its limits, but anyhow, a quick, free and easy way to do all…

Multitexturing and several uv channels are being worked out now or planned as I see in Blender.org. Once that appears, then that part (lightmaps) would be possible in Blender… Even if only done with plain soft shadows and no radiosity.

The thing is a void id tools. So, id compilers. you need to compile to BSP, I dunno if you could add BSP compiling functions into Blender.

But anyway, I must tell you : there are already two ways to produce free for comercial BSPs, one for q3 BSPs, and anothe rfor Halflife BSPs.

Quake 3 bsps compiler free for comercial projects (source code given):
A WIP, not ended.

halflife BSP compiler free for comercial projects

These options would be in case what you do is plainly output a HL or Q3 *.map file, so that then, once can pick one of these compilers and output a BSP. Dunno what is harder to do.

Map editor that can be used for comercial projects (GTKradiant or qeradiant, can’t, as stated in their pages.)


As you see, there’s already a path for doing this fully. Just in case you want to avoid some work or all of it.

Still, Quark and all thos eeditors are much more limited in geometry editing, but is that I suspect also BSP format is limited in type of geometry it can have.

At last, there’s a freeware (not open source) BSP map editor and compiler. called Getic (yet to know if is quake3 bsps, hl bsps, or just personal form of bsp):


Anyway, I don’t think it would be easy, and quite a hard job…

But anyway, I hope the info may come handy…

sorry, bad URL

Half Life BSP compiler, free for coemrcial projects.ZHLT TOOLS :


And the Quark map editor can do maps for Quake1,2,3 halflife , etc.Just u configure the compiler wished.

I…yet don’t like the fact in these editors you just can’t model like in a modeller, but all with boxes,stairs, primitives, and carving… resulting shapes too basic…

Did not find the way in the doc to import a fully made scnery geometry to use as scnery, but could import in md3 format isolated objects, treated as items.

That’s a problem, and an advantage if made the map in Blender.

The fact is…perhaps is easier for u to just export a *.map (map previous to compile) that perhaps is even ascii, so that the full thing can be compiled with the free compilers I mentioned.

Probably with some slight changes could be used for a hl map version or a quake3 one (which I dunno if is *.map like halflife, I never dedicated myself to level editing part)

Torque uses HL BSPs I think. While others use Quake3 ones… Seems ZHLT tools is complete, not a wip, so that’d be an advantage over doing it for q3 maps.

But I dunno which type of map or BSP is more advanced…should be q3 one, but u never know.

I think the lights(lightmaps generation) stuff is not yet too dealed in the open source non id related q3 bsp compiler.

yet so, it’s most powerful to have just an x file exported, with 2 uv channels,(once blender may have 2 uv channels, in the future) lightmap TGA generated, and even some form of script to generate collisions boxes and visibility portal boxes. That’s how I did in company, way more flexible, geometry way more realistic.

But requires a custom solution per each engine, in what relate to collision boxes, and vis portal boxes. Yet though, the x file with two UVs, and tga lightmap, is way more universal. But as I say, long time I suppose , as first must come multi UVs,multi texturing.

ps: btw, TORQ, I love ur work :slight_smile: And the fact u use Blender proffessionally in games :slight_smile:

That’s why it would be kick but to do level editing in Blender! :slight_smile:

Gosh :expressionless: Thanks.

Blender is set up for just that. It would take a little effort but with the gameengine and the modeling capabilites of Blender I wouldn’t be suprised if someone attempts this in the future :slight_smile:

I think it would be great.

None of the mentioned editors can even model near the flexibility of Blender , nor have its rich material editor, lights settings, etc…

what is more; I model in Wings3d, but because I truly love it and already does all I need, and yet so, I’m realizing Blender has a very fast and good modelling system.

Would be a dream…

I guess is much than anything the multi UV thing, and export it to some format. (x, or whatever other one that has UVs and is somewhat generally engine supported)

yet though I suppose even with no export of game specific features, surely each engine comunity will just do a python script to just detect certain boxes’s names as collision ones, and portals.

ehm…what is more. Neoengine, perhaps one of the most powerful open source engines out there (and curiously more powerful than several comercial) is in the proccess of making an importer for it…it goes slowly, but I know it’ll get done :slight_smile: They already can import md5 weighted animations(der_ton :wink: ). I guess this wonderful engine is going to end fullly supporting Blender, which rocks! :slight_smile:

Torq, tell your smiley he does not need to feel embarrased, the models are pretty good :wink:


Earlier when I said frame, I meant armature. I should have been more specific. Thanks for all the links. They should help me out in builidng an exporter.



Any idea why the Cube Engine doesn’t recognize your MD2 export ?

I haven’t used the cube engine before. What error is it giving? It might be something simple like the version number, it could be a bit more complicated. There is still alot of work to be done on the MD2 exporter.



can’t seem to access your server…

also the author of this software may have some insight into exporting bsp data from Blender (don’t know how relevant this is to you)



Sorry about that, server is now fixed. Any information on the error would help.




Fatal signal: Segmentation Fault (SDL Parachute Deployed)

Anything else ?

That particular error is an SDL error. It could be caused by any number of things. Is there any other output?



Nope, that is all, but I know it came from blender, because I exported the same model that was imported. There’s a source code for the engine if that’s helpfull.

I tested md2 from bob’s script and could see them well in a pair of viewers…an sdl error… sdl is a graphic library…similar to open gl but for linux and other oses? Perhaps is something quite internal for that engine…

Why don’t you do this? : go to Polycount, download an md2 from there (as those use to be pretty standard) , those usually you can’t use in any othe rway than putting in quake2 game or quake2 mod, but will serve u as a test to see if there’s something different in bob’s scrpt that cause this, or if is a general problem in the engine installation you made for loading md2.

Perhaps SDL is not well installed, version stuff?