2 ngPlant Questions?

Why aren’t my leaves connected to the branches after rendering in Blender, there is a small gap which I would like to reduce to zero but don’t know how?

If I add a new branch to an existing one then adjust so there is only ONE new branch, is it possible to revolve that one new branch around its parent branch?


are they modelled or UV-planes?

I guess, second?
Is the UVmap exactly cropped to the image, or is there an outline?
Just tweak the UV-coords of the plane to exactly cut off, where the leaf begins/ends…

I followed Yorik’s ngPlant tutorial and created the leaves in Inkscape and GIMP then cropped the leaves to their exact dimensions before saving.

I figured out why the leaves were not attached to the branches, it was because I made the ngPlant Wings rectangles too wide (see pic).

Now, I see that when leaf specularity is ON you can see the Wings rectangle and the leaf shadow is in the shape of the rectangle. Setting leaf specularity at 0.0 removes the Wings rectangle from around the leaf, but you can still see the rectangular Wings shadow (see pics).

Is it possible to turn on specularity and not see the Wings rectangle around the leaf?

Is it possible to have leaf shadows and not Wings rectangle shadows?


To get the correct shape shadow you need to enable the “trashadow” option in the materials settings of all the materials you want to receive those shadows (not just the material casting them!).

Hope that helps.

#1, it looks like your leaf texture alpha channel is not quite zero.
make sure that it is.
also, in the texture panel, turn on “premult” (premultiply alpha)
#2, ben answered already
and this shouldn’t have been posted in “off-topic”, but either “other software”, or “texturing & lighting”

You could also use the alphachannel to map specularity in a basic way… Or even do a detailed specularity map… :slight_smile: