2 or 3-gradient colours in BGE Multitexture?

So, I know how to do this using Blender Render, like this:

But can I do this in BGE using multitexture?
(GLSL doesn’t work on my computer)

And without filters?
(Since they lag my laptop)

And for regular BGE
(since I can’t get UPBGE to work)

Without python code
(since I don’t know python)

Cuz what I tend to get in BGE is this:

Sorry for all these “requirements”. P.S. they’re listed in order of importance; maybe I’ll learn pyton in the future. Maybe.

Thanks for your consideration.

EDIT: Actually, I’m not satisfied with what i found.
So does anyone know how to do this?

if not, are there any good multitexture lamp shading material tutorials?
Or a python method?
Or a GLSL method?

Thanks for your consideration.

hello I’m sorry it took 5 years to answer but instead of using multi texture you could use GLSL and material nodes to get the result you wanted :slight_smile: if you’re stilled determined to use multi Tex I’d personally just create spotlights and add a gaussian blur when you look at the seams, not efficient but would be effective.