2 questions(one for baking and one for decals)

G’day All,

I’ve been applying decals to me models using emptys as object co-ordinates. My question is, how do you prevent your decal from projecting on the opposite side of model? It goes straight through and ends up mirrored on the opposite side of my model.

Also, another thing I want to do is bake my decal image on this object. The object doesn’t have any other textures, only colours. This what I it should look like:

Here is the view of the model in the preview window.

And when I bake the texture, this is the (unsatisfactory) result.

There is no sign of the “Ear Muff Tuff” decal and the colours are all AWOL as well.

Does anyone know what might have gone wrong?

btw, this is on Blender 2.45, Windows


Thanks for your ready reply Papa Smurf.

But I’m afraid I didn’t see anything in the second link about how what to do if the bake turns out wrong.

Would anyone have an idea of how to fix this?

RE: Decal problem
Be sure you are using ClipCube.
The Z axis of your Empty object controls how far the decal penetrates into the object. Make it really small so the decal does not appear in mirror image on the far side of the object. But if you make it too small, not all of the decal will appear on the front side of the object.

Yep, thanks for that.

I tried Clip cube, found that it worked and now I know why!
Thanks for the explanation.