2 simple questions (i hope)

first one i know is simple, how do i save an animation? same as pic?

second when i try to set an end frame and hit animate and let it go through all of it and then hit play it will still play longer than i want. i am trying to make an animation that will loop and i cant have it go much longer than when i want it too

the default amount of frames is 250. alt A or ‘animate’ will play/record
that number of frames unless otherwise specified. you can change the frames in the render buttons.
<edit> btw i believe this is all in the online manual

how do i save? so i can watch my animation outside of blender

you press anim in the render buttons (F10)

i know how to animate but how do i save it to make a file out of it. like a .mpg or .avi. or whatever i dont even know what it uses. so i have a movie not a .blend file

cut 'n paste from the other thread:

i hope this helps