2 textures and texture painting

I created 2 textures for one object.
The first represents color and the second represents BumpMap
The problem is that I want to paint textures but I can not switch between them.
I can only paint the last one and can not find a plece where to switch.

you can add more UV channels, and toggle between which one to texture paint from, right by where you add a new channel.

Somehow it just does not work for me that way. I used official 2.62 and newer r44857 build without ability to switch. No matter what I do, the painting happens only on one texture.

Here is the .blend file I have a problem with:
moon_ready_to_paint.zip (359 KB)

Modron, are you sure? I found that the only way for switching paintable channel (or layer or slot) in 3D view works like that: Go from Paint Mode to Edit Mode, change the picture in UV/Image editor window to desired one. Then go back to Texture Paint mode.
Then it is possible to paint to other one in 3D view.

What Modron says is correct, except he did not say that you’re painting on what’s selected/seen in UV editor.
So you select in UV editor what will be painted on and on Texture Paint Clone choose uv layer from which will be source (set beforehand, based on which layer in ObjectData UV and what picture in UV editor).
But of course, if you click on ObjData tab uv layers, pictures change in uv editor, if assigned…

Lol, i just can’t define that… Why this is so confusing always??? :slight_smile:

Good news is - it sometimes work!

happy blending!

zelif, if you want to use the same UV set for each texture, then switch the way you last described, in Edit Mode. Make sure all your vertices are selected before switching the image in the UV Editor, though.

I found that there is an Addon “Texture Paint Layer Manager”. After turning this on, there is a section in properties panel to do this stuff normal way.