2 unrelated Noob questions


Still reading and learning and getting puzzled here :smiley:

These are probably easy questions but got me stumped for the minute

Q1) I have been reading a tutorial at http://www.blenderwars.com/tut.php?module=texture

It says
"Select the portion of the mesh you are working on. under the mesh edit buttons select “texture space”.

Does this method work with version 2.37 ? I couldnt seem to find that button ? If this texturing method is possible, how does it compare to the UV mapping mode that is in 2.37 ?

I added a text object into a scene, which I can see whan I render, but it is a boring flat text. Playing around with the text parameters such as back, front, 3d, bevel Res, width, ext1, ext2 dont make any difference for me except some make the text disappear all together. What am I doing wrong ? I couldnt seem to find a tutorial that covers basic text usage

Thanks for any tips

   Regards Geoff

On your Q1— I think that button is called “TexFace” and its in the Materials tab after you add a new material to the object.

Looking through the tutorial, it is an interesting method, but isn’t the UV mapping tutorials utilizing LSCM a better way to go in the long run?

For question 2, select your text, then hit alt+c, and convert your text to a curve. (Note: This will make it so that you can no longer edit what your text says, so be sure you have it saying what you want, first.) Then select your text again, and, once again, hit alt+c and convert your curve to a mesh. Now you should be able to bevel your text, and if you want to give your text some “height” in the z-axis, just go into edit mode, select all your vertices, hit the e-key, then hit the z-key to constrain your extruded portion to only move on the z-axis. Hope this helps.:slight_smile:


Q2) Check out: http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/PartII/Text

You can alternatively convert the text to mesh and then add depth to by extruding it. Then you can try out curve deforming. How to do this? Create a text object, convert it to mesh by hitting Alt+C twice. Remember that this works in Object mode only. Create a bezier curve. Select your text in object mode and using Shift select your curve too. Hit Ctrl+p and select curve deform. Select your text, rotate it, scale it, move it around to see how it behaves in relation to the curve you created.
Alternative way of altering text is by using lattices. Create text object as above. Create lattice. You can alter its dimensions in editing/lattice. Put the text about in the center of it. Select text and lattice and hit Ctrl+p to parent text to lattice. Alter the lattice to make your text look cool.
I am sure there are a lot of more ways to make cool texts. You might want to try out proportional editing or curve tools.

Thanks for the quick replies guys, still a bit puzzled though

I had a very quick play with the Tex Face button, but couldnt persuade an image to map to a selected part of an object

I have figured out the UV unwrapping and mapping as there are some good tuts on that. But this tut seemed to imply there was an simpler alternative method of achieving the same ends

I had figured out I could convert Text to a curve then to a mesh and then manipulate it or warp it and whatever. This seemed a bit inflexible though as you commit yourself to using that text. It seemed better if you could make the text look 3d whilst still leaving it as a text object which can
later be tweaked. All those params seemed to imply you can, but I still cant make them do anything for me. I am probably missing something obvious, I will go back and reread that page link again


Problem 2 solved

At least I was correct when I said I am missing something obvious :smiley:

What I was doing was adjusting the text params then clicking on render while the text object was still in edit mode. If you dont switch to object mode before rendering it ignores the text 3d params and always draws a boring flat text

Thanks for the help


I would suggest to get hands on the Official Blender 2.3 book. It covers everything very niceley! But the same and also new material is also available as .pdf on Blenders homepage. Hopefully that helps!