2 UV - 2 images


How do I make 2 UV channels and what paints on one doesn’t show up on the other?

it would actually be a UV for procedural maps and another with an image painted in texture paint .

If you just want to blend two textures together you dont need two UV maps, you can just use the MixRGB node and “add” the painted one on top of the other.

But in case you want to place an Image or something like a Logo on top, this is the way I do it:
Create a UV-Map for each image/texture and use the MixRGB set to “mix” then you connect the Alpha of the second texture to the “factor” of the MixRGB node so blender knows what to show and what not. Then you have to give each texture/image a “UV-Input” node with the correct UV-Map selected.

I hope that will help you a little. Feel free to ask, if there are questions.

Additionally two UV channels only make sense if they are different so you question:

is a little irritating (or to complicated) because painting on both “images” is usually not what you want (maybe if you wanna paint some undisturbed logo, but then you would use what @Teleshopper says or would use texture painting in 3D or projections modifier or…).