200 4k Energy FX for Kitbashing in Comp (New asset library!)

Hey everyone,
Happy to announce one of the “project across projects” I’ve been working on for a while now for Compositing Academy. Have you heard of Kitbashing?

This an energy element library for compositors with the same fundamental concept. Many pieces (200 individual effect simulation renders), with a huge variety to allow people to piece together and design something new.

With this you can create portals, projectiles, lasers, forcefields, wormholes, blackholes, energy waves / pulses, electrical fields, distortions, engines, aurora borealis, dissolve transitions, embers and flames, plasma, and a lot more.

They’re rendered as 4K EXRs so you can bend / project / wrap onto geo / etc and still have sharpness. Also with a wide dynamic range, you can control the exposure and glow to a high degree. The intention with this is to open up the creative possibilities that compositors have (instead of using only the Noise node in Nuke for every lookdev task), and also reduce the cost of needing an FX artist for every shot.

For blender users, you can use the compositor, or you can just use these alphas as emission shaders and light up scenes that way!

Channel here:
Library Here: