200+ New Photographs

Last month I got a new DSLR, a Sony Alpha 300K. Since then I’ve photographed a bunch of things.

A number of photographs are experimental/self-educational as I test more of the capabilities of this camera (and my own).

I posted what I consider are some of the most interesting photos so far at my website:

Click here to see them.

GIMP is used for web preparation (resizing/cropping/compression/gamma and color correction/white balance tweaks/misc. edits/experiments).

I also seem to have rediscovered my love for photographing the sky as well, especially with the better optics and better camera control than my last camera :slight_smile: Here are some samples of that…


And There Was Light

There are a mixture of color and black and white photos here. Some b/w photos were taken using the camera’s on board b/w mode, while others were desaturated in GIMP.

I have a standard lens and a zoom lens but currently no macro lens, so for closeups I am often standing far back from the subject and using the zoom lens to capture more detail, as in this photo…


For the camera I have three filters I use interchangeably at this point (diffusion, UV, and a circular polarizer).

I will continue to update my photography website whenever I get the chance.

Thanks for checking out my stuff,


Nice pun on the string orchestra. You’ve been working away at this for quite a while, too much to really comment on. Your choice of names are really great, some of them are very clever.

You have some great photos here, but in my opinion there are still many that could be eliminated from the list. It just takes a while to find the really excellent ones as opposed to the good ones.

How is that camera, by the way? And which camera did you have previously?

They are very nice images - thanks for sharing them with us!

Overall they were pretty good, although the lack of substance in a lot of them got old pretty quick. And that was helped along by going a little overkill on the B&W. It’s fine in moderation, but in my opinion it should be used lightly.

On another note, it’d help if you had ‘next’ and ‘previous’ buttons, it’s kindof a hassle to go through all of them by pressing back every time. And maybe shorten the URL to make it easier to link to them.

There were a few that I really liked though, especially the ones you posted in this thread. I love the way you name them, too.