2000th post wooo!

Pointless thread but i was bored and this is offtopic and most of the threads here are pointless :slight_smile:

so ya whoever replies can decide what this thread is about :smiley:

2000th post woOOooOO!!

I think we should discuss how glow worms are immoral as they have glowing bottoms.
Take it from here CD :evilgrin:

Just 8 more to go for 2008.

Noooo, don’t let CD anywehere near glowing bottoms of worms. It is for his own good. I mean really, if he starts to lick and chew furiously, what will happen to him?

Whoo Hoo for you Dude!

I already have more than 9500 posts.

Think about it, a freaken otherkin Dragon has more posts here than 99.9 percent of the humans here.:spin:

Quoted for truth

That’s because you post too much. :smiley:

WOOOO hooray for glow worms… we can squish them and put glowing goop everywhere \o/

So everyone… how was your day?

Whoopee…I think that you just banned yourself…Again. (Thanks Mods)

Come on people we don’t need any dragon bashing in this thread we can do that in the naked blending thread. :smiley:

This thread can stay peaceful :slight_smile:

I cannot obey such a hypocritical command.

If postcount was a reason to ban someone they would’ve done that months ago.

Oh, and thread change
I looked for Dragon pics. but couldn’t find a very suitible one without humans that’s not one I’ve already seen.

Yes i am a hypocrite and proud of it.

^This thread is now about that :smiley:

And here is a dragon with no humans:

puppies are overrated

This thread is going nowhere… I just wanted one cause I didnt want the 2000th post to be a reply so I apologize mods for making your job harder…

edit: shit im dragging it on… now i see why these threads never go anywhere but down :frowning: its addicting

Man, someone really hates punchbags…

Did you know that dragons are really vegetarians? I don’t know what all off that licking and chewing stuff is all about.


I didn’t mean a dead Dragon.

Now then, What do you think of the doggy (beagles) pic.?:smiley:

Beagles are awesome :smiley:
My friend had a beagle named louie… his school bus hit it when it was dropping him off :frowning:

I thought that this was illegal…

Which bit?
Glow worms or beagles?

No, posts about thread count.