2001: A Space Odyssey VR Experience

Hello dear Blenderartists,

over the last few months my student Erika Bonat has developed out of passion 3 environments from Kubrik’s masterpiece:

  • the kitchen from Aries 1b shuttle
  • the lobby in Space Station V
  • HAL9000 holographic memory

The models were created in Blender, then we produced a VR experience in UE4, with the help from Ettore Cinquetti, CS student in Verona University.

Now we want to share the result with the Community and with everybody who’s interested in cinematography and Kubrik’s work.

Here’s a video showcasing the environments!

The experience at the moment is Win64 - HTC Vive only, the download link is a the bottom of this page:

Any feedback much appreciated… Enjoy


Very awesome!

Nice work…

Awesome! I want to do some VR stuff with Blender, but gotta come up with good scenes lol. Plus ATM I could really only do 360 videos on youtube as I have very little experience with game engines. I"ve used unity a little but mainly just to get a part into Kerbal Space Program a few years ago. It was a simple model of the CR2032/2042 battery for the mod kOS lol. It was sort of fun though, and the part still exists in the mod today.

I’ve got a few things I’m working on atm so maybe I’ll make them into a 360 photo/video when I’m done. :slight_smile: