2001 - Dave Bowman Space Suit - Realtime Model

I’ve been wanting to do this for a long while and I think it’s about time. I’ll be making a realtime model of Dave Bowman in a space suit, from 2001 a Space Odyssey. Anyway, my reference images so far: (I’ll go in and get some hd screens when I do the detail work.)

And my low poly modelling process:

Funny, 2001, a Space Odysee was on like 3 channels at once last night. Actually I had 2001 and 2010 at the same time on SciFi and MGM I think.

Low poly modeling progress:

Very early texture progress with AO bake:

More texturing, with a test of a reflection map on the helmet.

I’ve always like the spacesuits from that movie. Can’t wait to see a finished render.

Steve S.

More texturing. Stenciled the reflection map for one material. I’l go back and make the stencil texture more detailed later on.

Textured the backpack, a few straps and collars, corrected a few errors, made a better spec and reflection stencil map.

Encountered quite a glitch in the game engine. :frowning:
I have the material set to Ztransp because of the straps, which use an Alpha map to save on polys. But when I use the model in the game engine, certain parts of the mesh appear like their “Xrayed” and ahead of objects closer to the camera. When I turn off Ztransp, it’s fine.
Can anyone tell me what’s causing this?

not sure about that, but have you tried scaling things to see if it has any effect?
also, aren’t a few more polys better than an additional texture?

nice work, BTW :smiley:

Got the problem sorted out, but it wasn’t an additional texture, just an alpha channel on a PNG file.
Anyway, here’s a texture sheet. If I get a chance tomorrow, I’ll start rigging him.

From top left to bottom right: Color, Normal, Spec, AO Bake.