2015 Porsche 918 Spyder *updated 1-25* *with model download*

Edit: See Post #20 For The Latest Renders:

Hello everyone!
I am proud to present to you my latest finished project, a Porsche 918 Spyder.
Due to the lack of decent and similar ref photos on the internet, there are a few details that aren’t true to the real car, but overall, I feel that I have captured it pretty well.
project information:
working time: several months off and on.
total faces: 451,000
Modelled, rendered, etc, in blender and cycles
textures in The GIMP and blender
post pro: The GIMP and blender
render times: vary, I can be more specific if needed. Usually 2 hours and around 500 samples
Model download: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72893

comments, questions, and critiques welcome.


3 images per post…
Here are two more studio shots

A studio shot with red paint, an outdoor hdri lit shot, and a mix between the two detail shot.


I like it a lot; the only real issue for me is the caustics in the windscreen.

You’ve certainly outdone yourself! Really good work there. I could still critique some minor things, but I really had to look very closely to spot them, and assuming you had no good refs, they’re certainly forgivable. I’m sorry for ruining your mood and being so picky, but these are the minor details:

  1. The bumper isn’t smooth on the bottom.
  2. I believe you know this already, but it’s just escaped you, but anyways… In order to achieve perfect smoothness on the wheel arches (and on any curvature) you have to make sure (eg. selecting the vertices in wireframe view) that they make a smooth curve from every view (front, side and bottom), so that it’ll look great from every angle. And yes, it can be really tricky when dealing with various separate pieces of body because of the edge loops you need when using subsurf. I go around this with an edge loop near the gap that will specify the angle with which the body panel will finish (I guess it’s difficult to understand).
  3. That’s certainly not how the sideskirt looks… and I assume you converted it entirely to electric mode, because I see no exhausts anywhere.
  4. The piece of body that overlaps the door part makes a smooth curve on the real thing, but you kinda made it plain where I highlighted…
  5. Again, the rear wheel arch needs some smoothing, as it now gets wide too fast where I circled, creating that out-of-place shadow. (I hope you understand me)

  1. That’s a tricky part, but there’s always a way to do it without getting “pinching”.
  2. Again, I see it’s the 100% Eco version?

Anyways, in spite of all I said, still sweet :wink: !

great work, but i dont like the green brakepads. too much neon!

i agree, i would try a more understated color :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments. I have updated the renders with the suggestions and they should be better now.

Thanks! yea… glass is tricky. you have to have a good model and light setup for good reflections :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I’m glad someone pointed these out. I didn’t fix most of them though :stuck_out_tongue:
Finding consistent reference photos was tricky, and most of them were all electric, so that’s how I modelled it. I have updated the renders with side exausts, and a better brake material as mentioned below. I didn’t do anything to the rear for exaust because I didn’t know what all needed to be changed.

Thanks, you are right! they are supposed to be green, but I just forgot to give them a proper material. It should be better now.

Very well done, looking very good. Only a couple of things I`ve noticed. You seem to be missing door handles, and the other is that your rims lack any depth, they seem to be wires, but overall excellent job.

Thanks, I did know about the door handle. Again a problem with consistent ref images. Most of them didn’t have one, so I made it without. You are right about the rims though. I never was sure how they were supposed to be, and never fixed them. I will probably do that now and update the renders.

Here is another quick render I did:
1920x1080, 500 samples, 2 hours, cycles.

These are fantastic! Amazing job, definitely enjoy it.


The model looks nice. But I don’t really like rims because they looks too weak.

Great and unnecessary car and great job.

Thanks! I am glad you like it. I am working on another render right now which I will post if it turns out allright.


Thanks! I agree with your comment about the rims. I could never seem to get them better though. #badexcuse

Thanks! I am hoping ‘unnecessary’ is a typo? :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s a bad ass looking car… I like the latest color you have now. The green neon seemed a little too much to me, but of course, that’s just a personal color choice.

Unnecessary because it´s too expensive. I like the yellow one too.

Thanks! I agree with the green, I unfortunately never took the time to make a proper material for them.

Ah, I understand now. Yes, these certainly aren’t cheap. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry for updating an old thread, but I did a couple of hdri renders the last couple days for practice. Rendered in cycles, 30 samples, 6 minutes, post work in blender and gimp. hdri and backplate by moofe.com
Be sure to view them in full rez and comment or critique!

I also did some more work on the model and updated the blend on blendswap: http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72893