2018 Challenge 1/25 Garden day house

Hello all,

for 2018 I’ve set the challenge of producing 25 scenes over the year, giving me roughly 1 - 2 weeks per project.

I have to fit this around my day job and other life duties so 2 weeks a project is actually kind of tight for me but I will do what i can to keep on top of the work.

Im looking for critique on my first scene as i have 1 week left to make any tweaks and improve the over all quality of the image.

Textures from Poliigon.com

Some models from the Architecture Academy

I am looking at this on my phone so I might not be able to see all the details but one of the things that looks a bit odd is that the book on the couch looks like it is hovering ever so slightly.
Everything else looks nice to me.

Interior render… the book was floating slightly as was the kettle