2022 Tank Box Model - First post in years

I haven’t posted on here in years so here goes:

Mechanical tank equipment box containment unit thingy.
Modelled and textured in Blender and rendered in Cycles.

I did this one more for the textures than the model, all texturing done in Blender no Substance on this one. Labels and bump text done with Affinity Designer:

Labels on here and
Blender Market: https://blendermarket.com/creators/markbtomlinson or
Gumroad: https://gumroad.com/MarkBTomlinson


Awesome! Whatever it does, I’m sure it does it well!

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Thanks! Yea I have no idea either what it should do. :grinning:

Haha I was just thinking that- “man, this looks dope! I wonder what it does?” Great work on this @MarkBTomlinson, not only is this a super cool model from an artistic perspective but your presentation of it is excellent. Specifically your lighting, that nice sharp speculative highlight along the metal edges frames your composition very well :slight_smile:

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Great work!

Thank you glad you liked it.

Thank you!

Hey man, I remember you had a huge library of canisters,bolts,cables etc on gumroad. Cant see them anymore, any plan for porting them for Blender asset library or for the addons packs ?

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I posted a lot on Artstation, didn’t put them on Gumroad though, I was thinking about doing it though.
As Blender asset packs, yes that would be one way I would do it.
I will see how it goes I don’t think the Asset manager is super stable yet so I will wait a bit.

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Added commercial tag.

:clap: very cool!

Thanks man!

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this is very good. But its obvious, that you used the same Mesh/Texture for every level of this object. For the perfect illusion, the textures would be different:


But thats critique an a high level. :slight_smile:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart!

Well spotted :joy: I didn’t mix the projections up that is true, have to leave something for the keen eyed.


Love the model’s intricacy and the texturing!

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Thanks Metin!

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