2079 hornet

Wanted to test out how fast I could render out a piece with eevee, been working on this car off and on for a bit I plan on releasing more renders in various locations in the future if I find the time. Made in blender and eevee with some light paintover and color adjustment in photoshop.

Thanks for looking!

artstation link:https://www.artstation.com/artwork/4b30GY



Great work. Love the aesthetic of the car itself.

That’s brilliant. The garage could use some reflections, but the car is great!

You’re #featured! :+1:

I featured you on BlenderNation, enjoy!

looks great… awesome desing…

Looks interesting. It’s definitely got a Delorean vibe going on - a time machine variant might be an interesting side project :wink:

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I like the aesthetic, but you’ve made the features so fine it’s causing a lot of aliasing. No problem for Cycles, but it’s a good showcase of where Eevee still fails in the image quality department.

That’s cool!

Very cool design! Sort of looks like it could be submerged

Really cool. I love the futuristic look and feel of it.

Love it. Amazing sci-fi car concept.

Nice!.. Kinda reminds me of the vehicles in Blade Runner 2049.

soory about this im new to the site i wander how i can ask questions

How long did this take to render in EEVEE? Awesome work, and the environment looks great too.

Nice car. Looks great!

looks really cool, sort of like a delorean

great inovation!