24hour Project

Hi Blender people,

I have finally been able to upload my latest renders and a time lapse video of the creation of the project. An architect asked urgently for renders of an interior of a church, he gave me 24 hours to give him the final renders that needed to be shown that weekend. So everything was created in Blender of course and then I exported it and placed it within Octane for the final render. I just had to screen capture it and see all my mistakes so that I can learn for future projects.

Here is a link to the video: http://vimeo.com/25955967
Then below you can see final renders from Octane Render below.

Thank you for viewing.

Not bad for 24 hours :smiley:

I noticed that during the timelapse there appeared to be some photos of a similar looking venue. What were those?

Those were photos of the existing interior of the church. The only thing that the architect has added is the Gallery and that is why he asked me to come on board, to show the addition to the hall. I was going to use photos and then just add the 3d to it but decided it would be better to go full 3d, it gave me better choice in camera angle. The photos also helped with getting the correct materials/colours of the existing church.