250mb Hotmail

Hotmail has increased their box size just a little bit. (248mb increase)
I’m sure it’s to compete with Gmail and Yahoo, but it still kicks ass.

i get 1 Gb with google…



Wow! After all these years, keeping and using my hotmail account finally pays off…

I’d use my Gmail account a lot more if it supported the outlook/thunderbird interfaces…


Hotmail is a peice of junk. No offence.

It’s slow, confusing and ugly.

@dante: Gmail now supports pop3

And also, if you’re using firefox there’s plenty of extensions for gmail.

actually hotmail is phasing in its 250Mb limit increase, it has been being phased for about 3 months now, i am still waiting for my upgrade (but not to worry i use my own host/e-mail anyway)


I remember reading about the storage increase on CNN.com quite a while ago (I think it was just after Google announced Gmail), but I didn’t know it was finally happening…

I don’t really like Hotmail very much either. It is extremely slow, but I use it anyway. If anyone around here would reply to my requests for a Gmail invite, I’d switch right away. :wink:

Hint hint Anybody…?


Anyone want to comment? :-?

hotmail -> msn -> micro$oft.

do you get it?

Dittohead: I fail to see why those argument wouldn’t apply to all free web-based emailservices.

Atleast Google is honest with what they’re doing.

you -> should -> stfu

you -> should -> stfu[/quote]

you -> stay -> polite

you -> should -> stfu[/quote]

you -> stay -> polite[/quote]

sorry, but -> ms bashers -> ignorant

If you start saying stfu to every ignorant people you meet (not that it’s necesarely the case here, mind you), you’re in for the ride of your life (and probably a beating or two, if you do that in real life).


I don’t do it regularly, but random MS bashing deserves a stfu.

Thank god, i was getting sick of having to delete some mail because i was getting close to the 2 mb limit. I do have Gmail as well, but everything still goes to hotmail and i don’t feel like changing it.


Well anyone who uses the internet, or somputers needs to understand that their information is practically available to anyone who wants it, with rapid IP address comparisons… the FBI or anyone could find out any information.

heck within 5 minutes, i can find ALL the forums i am a member of, my birthdate, my other e-mail address’s, my entire family history. my university, even pictures of me can be easily found…

i think the only thing missing from my internet information, is my bank account number, and my credit card number.

same thing with valarking, with a few mins of searching the net i found out more about him than i wanted to know…namly a picture of him palying the piano LOL

is all this info used for sinister intent? well it depends if you are doing somthing illegal or not. i doubt the US would really care about me, even though i do publicly think they are the new Nazi nation LOL. (i mean come on, its only if i were to be linked to bomb websites, al_quaeda or whatever places they are truly worried about)

the people who will be being monitored, are those like Dittohead, and Aner. (Nasty pieces of work those two LOL. heck Aner was watching two birds making love outside his window, man that stuff should be monitored before it turns into somthing serious :P)

three choices,
retreat from the internet age and don’t use a computer

get your respective governments to regulate internet privacy concerns. for example my country has made it illegal to have a single multi-agency identification. hence we don’t have social security numbers. so each agency needs its own identification system, different for the drivers licence, university, IRD…

get used to it, and accept that people will try to advertise to you


it was just a reaction to the gmail conspiracy. there are more conspiracies involving microsoft then there are about google.