2d animated music video experiment in blender 2.5beta

Hi, just posted this music video on youtube. I’ve been experimenting with blender for a little over a month now, mostly 2d ideas for the time being so here’s my first go at it. Learned a lot and looking forward to doing another one.

I basically imported 2d images made in Pixelmator and animated them in the 3d view. I also imported some animated image sequences made in Pencil using alpha over in the video sequence editor.

Thanks in advance for checking it out and a big thank you to all of the patient and generous folks who answered my questions here!





ill take a look!! 'D hope its good lmao

it was amazing

thanks for checking it out!

Your welcome, I actually have a few effects I would like to learn…you wouldn’t happen to have a page describing your workflow for this or a WIP page with all your problems posted would you?

thanks again, but i don’t have those things. but if you have any questions just ask away. the biggest mystery to me was importing the graphics in the first place. once i found the script in the addons, life became much easier. also, i discovered that setting the camera to orthographic mode made this sort of thing a bit easier.