2D Animated Web-Series Made Entirely Within Blender!

Because of Blender, my partner and I have been able to develop a series of shorts to promote our upcoming animated sitcom about Napoleon Bonaparte: Blown Apart!

I originally worked in animation programs like Flash and Toon Boom Harmony, but switching to Blender has really restructured the way I make cartoons! Animation and creating environments is now so much easier and scalable opposed to drawing everything by hand! On average, a Blown Apart short takes us a total of 2 weeks to complete! A crazy upgrade to how long animation took me before!

At the moment, we are experimenting with combining 2D characters into 3D environments, complete with lighting and line art! What do you guys think?

Blown Apart! Napoleon and Talleyrand’s Treaty Tussle

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Hey thanks for sharing here! I have edited your post to show the video.

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